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The Amity VP comes standard with an 810 megabyte internal hard drive, upgradeable to a 6.1 Gigabyte!! It also comes standard with 16 megs of RAM, upgradeable to 48. It's powered by an AMD 133 MHz processor chip. Users simply write on the screen with the magnetic pen. The built in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is vastly superior to anything on the market. With built in artificial intelligence, the more a person uses the machine, the more it recognizes your handwriting. This Windows 95 machine has unlimited potential!

For more information please visit our Pen Computing Page. These machines are fairly new to the market and are currently available only through vars such as ourselves...

Success at CES!!

Despite the unusually low temperatures in Las Vegas, Groundspace managed a resounding success with Road Rep. Not only were numerous copies of the software purchased, but the phrase, "You guys just made my show," was overheard often. CES proved to solidify our faith of the mass appeal of our product. Unfortunately, sales reps are a difficult market to specifically target. However, when we find one and explain our product they are always hooked. Groundspace has been working hard to adapt Road Rep to multiple platforms, such as handheld PC's running Windows CE.

One of the main attractions at CES was the Microsoft Windows CE booth. Windows CE is Microsoft's new operating environment for handheld PC's. Windows CE may now be found in everything from cellular phones to the car PC! Groundspace has been a software developer for Windows CE since its creation. The Win CE version of Road Rep will be available in Summer 1998.

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