Key Benefits

  • Order Entry & Tracking
    1. Construct Orders in Real Time
    2. Easy, Fast, Point & Click Order Entry
    3. Fills in most of the Order Automatically
    4. Always Accurate and Complete Orders
    5. Automatically Totals Order as You Add Products
  • Databases
    1. Construct Product Databases for all Product Information
    2. Link Factory Data to Account Information
    3. Link Product Information to Factories
    4. Maintain all Factory, Account, and Product Information
      in a Relational Database
  • Faxing Capabilities from your Computer
    1. Fax Orders to Accounts or Factory for Verification
    2. Fax all Orders for a Particular Factory with a Single Command
    3. Fax Memos to Accounts or Factories
    4. Fax orders to accounts for verification
    5. Fax Orders from the Road (car, hotel, account, etc.)
  • Sales / Commission Tracking
    1. Compare Commission Statements to Invoices
    2. Monitor Rep Commissions
    3. Produce Historical Reports
    4. Bump commission against invoices
  • Contact Management
    1. Locate Accounts and Contacts Fast using the Fast Finder
    2. Rank, Sort, & Filter Accounts
    3. Dial Automatically
    4. Calendar Planning
    5. Multiple Factories for Each Account
    6. Account Terms & Commissions Related to Factory
  • Support
    1. Comprehensive On-Line Help
    2. 240-Page User's Manual
    3. Telephone Call-In Help Line
  • Options
    1. Pen Top Computer with Road Rep Software

System Requirements

  • 486/66 DX Processor or Equivalent
  • 8 Megs of RAM
  • 10 Megs of Available Hard Disk Space
  • Windows 95™, or Windows NT™
  • A VGA Monitor or better
  • 14.4 or better Hayes-compatible Modem for Faxing
  • Mouse or other Pointing Device

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